Although there are so many amazing Toronto Venues, it’s been a very long time since a Toronto Event Venue has excited me! That is until last night when I, along with other Toronto Event Planners, was invited to visit Trinity Taverna on the Beach.

From the minute I approached the building my excitement was brewing as I had seen so many photos and heard raving reviews about this restaurant from others in the Greek Community (and trust me, we Greeks are picky). Once I entered the large gorgeous Mediterranean blue doors, I was transported to Greece!

The friendly greeting from the staff just added to what promised to be a beautiful experience. 

Our wonderful hostess from the Faulhaber Communications team, gave my colleague and I the grand tour. 

On my right was a beautiful market style display of fresh seafood and butchered meats leading into the open concept kitchen. On my left and beyond, was the brightly lit dining space glittered in white, pale & dark woods, a branch ceiling and glorious multi-coloured pillows that made my heart skip a beat. The focal point was a beautiful bench that cuddled a wonderful stationary blue-sea coloured water fixture surely meant to resemble the radiantly azure Ionian Sea.

As we continued through the restaurant, we came into an elegant cove of a semi-private room that had my heart racing and my creative juices flowing. The room was comprised of a floor to ceiling wine rack, complete with a ladder on the right side, floor to ceiling windows to the left, the far wall decorated in ancient clay vase displays and gorgeous wood beamed ceilings with a beautiful chandelier. The room flowed into a patio and I could swear I was smelling the salt-water from the sea.

Trinity Taverna, is deceivingly quite big! Along with the dining space, the Cove Semi-Private space an additional semi-private dining room with floor to ceiling windows and a majestic outdoor patio, there is an incredible private lounge upstairs! It’s absolutely perfect for a party of any type including a wedding. I’d recommend an elegant standing cocktail and dinner reception in this space. I loved the dark wood butcher block tables, open concept surrounded by very large windows, sofa style seating throughout, a lovely bar and the beautiful breeze coming up from the lake. Both the Lounge and lower level dining spaces overlook Lake Ontario, and if you didn't know any better, you'd swear you were on the shores of the Greek Isles.

The lounge extends into a dim-lit patio that is perfect if you want to separate yourself for a moment or if you want to enjoy a cigar or cigarette. Now, I’m not one to promote smoking, but this place thought of it all! Each room has an adjoining outdoor space so that your guests are not inconvenienced or made to feel uncomfortable in any way by having to exit the restaurant. Every little detail was considered so that the Trinity Taverna guest would feel welcome... and those of you who know me, know that I'm a stickler for detail and filoxenia (hospitality)! 

As for the food, well, that took the entire evening up about 100 notches and blew me away. It was a symphony of taste and flavour. From the savoury dumplings filled with lamb, caramelized leeks, feta & truffle oil wrapped in Filo Pastry, the sesame crusted feta topped with caviar to the mouth-watering shrimp, flavourful lamb chops, Mediterranean inspired battered cod with Greek style poutine and fresh Oysters, the flavours danced on your palette and surpassed your taste expectations. I'd describe the cuisine as a fusion of Mediterranean and French Styles with a sparkle of Greece; a dream for any foodie. 

Trinity Taverna is perfect for any event; the staff is exceptional; the owners willing and ready to make you happy and the event menus able to fit most budgets; the backdrop of a beautiful blue lake and with the addition, coming next year, of their outdoor tent that will be available year-round, where else would you go? On top of it all, they love working with Planners!! 

I truly had a magical experience and felt as if I was in Greece....even if it was only for a couple of hours. So for those needing to get away or those wanting to have a Destination Wedding but don't have the time or budget, this is your next best bet. 

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