Vendor Spotlight: Studio Sposa

Sorry on the slight delay of this blogpost, but my usually reliable computer was not cooperating this past week...c'est la vie mes amis!

Last week, Thursday, I was invited by my colleagues at the Wedding Planners institute of Canada (WPIC) to go see an amazingly luxurious and elegant Bridal Studio: Studio Sposa.

Studio Sposa sent a Limo to escort us us to their lovely and quaint studio in Kleinburg, Ontario. Owner Mary Daserva and Manager Shannon greeted us with champagne and wonderful delectables from Dolcini by Joseph. We truly felt like VIP's.

We were lucky enough to view (and feel), some amazing wedding gowns by top haute couture designers all the while being briefed by the ladies on everything Studio Sposa does to go above and beyond for their clients. We were also thrilled to get educated on some of the top designers in the world.

What distinguishes Studio Sposa from most salons? Well, aside from the quality gowns, the one-on-one service and attention they give their clients; and the fact that the designers themselves are involved in the process. It's the VIP treatment each bride-to-be receives.

Each lovely soon-to-be bride, gets a private consultation and appointment at the Salon. In other words, during her appointment, there is no other client there. The goal is for her to feel special, comfortable and not rushed.  Each Bridal Consultant is specially selected by Mary and is trained to treat each bride to the utmost perfection in service!

What stood out to me more than anything else is that they are fully available on the day of the wedding in case an emergency arises; as Mary shared with us, she’s been known (on more occasions than one), to pop over to the Brides house on the day of the ceremony, to fit her perfectly in her gown; sometimes she confessed, she will pop in to admire 'her' bride in the luxurious gown.

I absolutely loved the vibe at Studio Sposa and a huge thank you goes out to these wonderful ladies for a great information session and tour of the salon. It truly was fabulous!

Studio Sposa
10449 Islington Avenue
Kleinburg, ON  LOJ 1C0
Tel. 905-893-8100


Anonymous said...

As a bride who was not fed wonderful delectables on my visit, I can offer a word of warning to other brides... Studio Sposa communication with me throughout the process of ordering the dress was not great. Above and beyond does not accurately describe the service.

Unknown said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy your experience. I have not only had wonderful experience with them, but aside from your unsatisfactory experience, I have heard and experienced the utmost in customer service. If you have an issue with them, perhaps consider writing to them about your experience.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The in between delivery of my wedding dress from Studio Sposa in Kleinberg was awful. The designer, Katerina Bocci, was amazing in helping design my dress and providing a worthwhile product, however, their delivery made the experience a classless one that I will never forget. I went to pick up the dress and it was filthy at the bottom (as they don't have carpets or get their store professionally cleaned). I understand that they are a smaller store with perhaps not a big name, but this should not affect the product nor the service you give your customers. They were extremely unprofessional not only in the way that they had the dress presented to me, but also the way in which they spoke to me throughout the process. Maria Angela had stated that I had obtained a discount on the dress and because of that, should not be complaining of some petty marks which were "just dust." They had also claimed that alterations were included and that the dress was "not custom fit" which is what I had paid for and you had measured me. I had not gained nor lost weight, the dress should have been perfect and to me, that is a sales tactic. A friend of my family picked up her dress a week before. Her mom argued the fee and they waived it. Once again, very unprofessional and inconsistent. Each and every single time I called for information in regards to the dress, none was given as the owners were usually not there. At the end of the day, they should have done whatever it took to make sure my dress was perfect and that I was happy. They did none of the above as they continuously argued with me two days before my wedding. Maria Angela claimed to my sister that I had "wedding nerves"and that I was over-reacting. That just goes to show the type of business ethic she possesses. Overall, a terrible experience. I have been asked already by 3 wedding magazines to have my wedding published and the name of their store will not be mentioned. Actually, many people I know in the wedding business have already mentioned that many other people are complaining of the same service and unhappiness with products from their store. Thank you for your work and for the beautiful dress. I will always speak very highly of your work but will caution people to come to you directly and not to go through their store as they have proven on numerous accounts to be poor sales people and tasteless human beings.