Wedding Cake Alternative for a Greek Wedding!

I love to personalize wedding details and am known to bend the envelope here and there. Although I do love some traditional aspects to weddings as it ties in the old with the new, I do love when people get creative with Drinks, Food and Desserts. Particularly Cake.

The other day when I walked into a Greek Bakery to purchase a lent-friendly dessert for a surprise baby shower I was planning, I came across this stunning and unique cake alternative and thought it would be perfect for my clients' awesome 400+ 'Big Fat Greek Wedding'. She is not big on cake but loves greek desserts. I texted her the photos immediately ... fingers crossed that she'll 'Say Yes to the Baklava Tower'.

I had a quick one-on-one chat with Kosta from Select Bakery in Toronto about how he came up with it... his response was simple: he wanted to do something creative and different so he stands apart from everyone else.  What do you think of these Baklava Masterpieces? This Toronto Wedding Planner absolutely loves them!

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