Wedding Inivitation Do's and Don'ts during a Postal Strike

Do's and Don'ts during a Postal Strike

It's the topic of despair for many couples that did not have a chance to send out their wedding invites prior to the Strike. Here are my Do's and Don'ts regarding Plan B.

Do: Pick up the phone and call your guests to ensure they save the date.
Don't: Send an Email, Tweet, IM (Instant Messaging) or Facebook Message. It's informal and tacky.

Do: Hand Deliver the invites. This is something that I love even without a Strike, I think it's personal and you really set the tone of the importance of your guest's attendance.
Don't: Ask them to pick it up. That would not only be rude, but disrespectful.

Do: Allow them to RSVP on your Wedding Website. There are many free wedding websites online.
Don't: Message them on Twitter, Facebook or the like, asking if they will be attending. Again, impersonal and tacky.

Do: Drive to the States and mail all your International Invites.
Don't: Use Canadian Stamps when mailing from another Country. The stamps must be from the originating Country.

So, don't panic, there is always a solution:)
Your Trusty Wedding Planner.

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