Be Unique! 10 tips and trends to customize your wedding!

Happy New Year all! With the new wedding season in full swing, it is only appropriate to share some new and inspired ideas with you to make your wedding day unique!  Here is my top 10 list of trends to look out for in the 2010/2011 wedding season!

10. Old Hollywood Glam Wedding Dresses: always vintage inspired, look to dresses taking you back in time to the days of Hollywood’s favorite A-listers, Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and of course the timeless Marilyn Monroe.  

 9. Custom Birdcage Veil: Etsy is one of my personal favorite places to finding these beautiful and often unique designs on this returning trend.

8. Unique Seating Card: With couples embracing the DIY accents to their weddings, why not forfeit the typical, names in slotted cardholders and come up with something more unique and creative!

7. Purses instead of Bridesmaid bouquets: I love flowers don’t get me wrong, but I love creativity a little bit more! A nice clutch purse adorned with florals is so chic, and of course practical;)

 6. Recycled Tin Cans tied on the back of your car: 
Vintage, vintage, vintage! I love the old tradition of tying cans at the back of the car and off you go… luckily this trend is on it’s way back and I, for one,  couldn’t be happier!

5. Butler-passed desserts: forget the candy buffets; allow your guests to feel pampered like royalty instead of a herd storming a buffet. Butler-passed desserts are elegant and really give that added touch of quality.

4. Fruit Centerpieces: Since intimate, homestyle weddings seem to be the direction we are heading this season, give your wedding a homely feel with endless colour combination's and the fragrance of wonderful fruit! Bonus feature: it's edible! Enough said;)

3. Handwritten Wedding Invitations: Couples are really looking to create that personal style these days!  Hiring a Calligrapher or Hand writer really shows your invited guests that you've gone that extra mile for them!

2. Fabric or button bridal bouquet and boutonniere: in an age where eco-friendly weddings and recycling are a priority, get creative with these lovely alternatives to flowers.

1. Wedding Pies: Cupcakes. Cakes. Cupcakes. Cakes... Imagine instead, the smell of delicious, flaky, fruit-filled pastry, with my personal favorite trend: Pie!

Overall, I truly encourage you all to do two things: first, think outside the box and bring forth your combined personalities, the thing that makes you, well, you! Second, don't forget about your guests! They are going to be there to celebrate the two of you and they deserve an exclusive and fabulous experience!



A Hot Pink Petticoat said...

I was lucky enough to have a Princess Lasertorn bouquet for my wedding. Not only did I get a smokin' product, but she is one of the most fabulous woman I've had to pleasure to meet. That alone is worth the cost for her bouquets.

WeDDings Jubilee Worldwide Planning said...

I agree! Absolutely Fabulous!