How to Tip Wedding Vendors - Gratuity Guidelines for your Wedding Day

First off, let me preface this by saying that tipping is not a requirement, however it is normal to show your appreciation of the hard work your wedding vendor has done to make your day a success with the service they have provided. You should also check your contracts to see if Gratuities or Service Tips are already included. If you are unclear, just ask.

Why you should tip:
In general if your vendor has provided great service you should tip. If your wedding vendor has gone above and beyond, you should tip. If your wedding vendor was easy to deal with, listened to your needs and delivered exceptional service, you should tip. Having said that, the form of a gratuity is up to you. Please note that if you have received a discount from your vendor, it's recommended that they are tipped accordingly.

Gratuity Guidelines
Below you will find a general guideline indicating percentages and dollar figures, however, although monetary gifts are very appreciated, tips in the form of testimonials, referrals and/or a gift are also great added options.

Your Wedding Coordinator/Planner – 10--15% of their fee. If they do an exceptional job or have gone above and beyond. $50.00 for each of their assistants. 

Florist – Florists can be tipped based on drop-off location. $15.00 per location. Example: Drop off at Brides House, Church and Reception Venue = 3 locations @ $15.00. Total tip: $45.00 This covers drop-off and set-up.

Decorator/Designer: Does not need to be tipped, however, if you have had exceptional service and they have given you amazing service, great value and great tips & tricks to make your wedding day easier, a tip is appreciated . Alternatively a Thank you Card and Gift is an option.

DJ - $50 - $200. If there is more than one (DJ & MC) place each in a separate envelope. The rule of thumb I like to go by is this: If your DJ has gone above and beyond to track down difficult tracks, put together a compilation, coordinate with your entertainment, set up your lighting etc., to make your d├ęcor, music coordination, speeches and overall energy amazing, the better you should tip.

Photographer and Videographer – If your Photographer and Videographer have provided good service and delivered the great photos, you can tip them when you pick up your photos. $50-$200.

Servers - If the tip is not already on the contract, 15% of the total catering bill is recommended. (Your servers and Wedding Planning Team have the most strenuous job on your wedding day), they are up and about all day preparing your event and accommodating your guests.

Bartenders - 10% of the total liquor bill or $75-$100 each bartender. Make sure that a tip hasn’t been added to your contract already. It is bad etiquette for a Bartender to have a tip jar on the bar on your wedding day. Ensure that they are aware that they will be tipped at the end of the night.

Ceremony or Reception Musicians - $10/hr per musician. A band normally gets about 10-15% of their total fee given to the person in charge.

Entertainers/Dancers/Magicians - $50 and up per entertainer.

Banquet or Catering manager – Only needs to be tipped if they have provided exception services. $50-$75.

Officiant/Minister/Justice of the Peace– Donation to the church or organization. A tip may offend some so it’s a good idea to ask.

Church Ceremony: A donation is often appreciated.

Makeup artist or Hair Stylists – Same as you would tip them regularly 10-15%

Limousine/Bus/Transportation: Drivers – 10-15% of the limousine bill, given at the end of the service.

Shuttle Bus Drivers (Destination Weddings) - $1.00/per guest

Valet: $ 1.00 per vehicle

Coat Room Attendant: $1.00/per guest

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