Unique Venues in Toronto: Airship 37

written by: Ieshia Wagner - WeDDings Jubilee Intern & Future Dream Maker.

Airship 37

Located in the gorgeous Distillery District, Toronto Wedding Planner (& my mentor), Denise Georgiou-Newell & I visited Airship 37; a hidden gem in the hustle and bustle of our big city!

Walking up the tented walkway I was unprepared for what was in store. It was made up of two rooms, one smaller more rustic and another larger, brighter and in my opinion quite a bit more magical. You could feel the buzz in the air as you walked through the fabulously draped entrance where a signature drink awaited to welcome you.

The smaller more rustic room was set up as a photography showcase. It had a really comfy feel, with the dim lit setting, couches to rest, a bar, a photo booth, and, Denise's favorite, a stunning chandelier.

The larger room spoke to me as the room with limitless possibilities. White walls, beams overhead for possible rigging, and vignettes set up to showcase a variety of d├ęcor possibilities for this raw space. This was a brilliant idea as it gave a feel of what could be done with the space, although the wheels in my head were turning a mile a minute!

At the back of the room there was an arch with seating, set up for an intimate and organic style of wedding which I was drawn to all night. Beside it a crew of two were rolling and cooking fresh Gnocchi that were absolutely delicious!

All in all, I think this venue is perfect for any occasion since it is basically a blank canvas. My vision is of a summer event in which I can open the garage-style doors and have guests pour out in to the garden (a venue insider says it is in the works). I haven’t decided whether I would want something elegant and sweet like some of the options they had displayed, or something crazy and totally out-there, because my creative ideas are endless. I felt the Open House was extremely well done, the guests were happy, and it was very informative and professional. You can tell this venue and their staff will be a joy to work with.

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